Monday, January 23, 2012

Knit-Strology; Or, Extrapolations Based on General and Specific Nonsense - Scorpio

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Scorpio: The Scorpion
October 23 - November 21

Greetings, Scorpios.

You're great knitters for your determination. You'll finish any project you set your mind to. You have almost limitless energy which you generally harness constructively. That's where your productivity as a knitting comes in. You've got plenty of finished garments, and you're very proud of each and every one.

Scorpios work very well on their own, and are quite happy being in their own company. You may be the type of knitter who knits with others, but you're more likely to not.

If you do have knitting pals, they are all inspired by your passion for knitting. Your resourcefulness, keen observance and intelligence comes in handy in many-a-situation. Someone's lost their stitch markers? (and there's no perpetually-prepared Virgos at the table to lend one?) Well, the Scorpio can MacGuyver something very impressive in no time.

When a Scorpio gifts a knit, they are very, very good gift givers. Your probing insight allows you to determine the best kind of gift for any one person; what garment, colour, yarn, will please them the most.

On the darker side, you might be a bit suspicious or jealous of others. You'd never bring a new pattern you're designing to knit night. Someone else might steal your idea!

The yarn you're likely to choose will be whatever is most suited to your current project. You wouldn't be the knitter who foolishly chose 100% bulky alpaca for a winter beret. Not you! You'd have done your research and known that something thick, with no elasticity, as lovely as it is, is not suited for a garment that's going to be worn in precipitation and needs to be fitted.

Scorpio rules the genitals. What should I recommend that you knit? I think I'll stick to the high road and say... socks.
Strong, fiery colours or red and rust do well to make you happy! Pick up a skein or two in their colour family.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that is eerily true!

Unknown said...

Made me smile!

Mommafo said...

Yeah yeah yeah, is Sag next?? :)

loveknitting said...

Very interesting and fun, something true) Thank you