Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sugary Learnins'; Or, Cupcake Decorated!

I like to learn things. So the opportunity to play with sugar and icing and sprinkles and cupcakes and call it a class wherein I learn stuff? Oh yes please!

A couple friends and I have signed up for a cupcake decorating course through my city's rec centres (you should absolutely check *your* city's rec centre instructional classes. You might find something kickass).

The first class was this past Friday, and we did a total of seven "chrysanthemum" cupcakes each.

At first I conformed:



But you know I had to be a total rebel and try other shapes, too:


This is a very easy, if slightly time-consuming, cupcake decorating technique.

What you need
Mini marshmallows
coloured sugar crystals

How you do it

Spread your icing on the cupcake (one at a time, mind you. I iced all mine at once and found I had an issue getting the marshmallows to stick once the icing began to dry/harden).

Cut each mini marshmallow on an angle, dip in coloured sugar, and place artistically upon iced cupcake.


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Julie said...

I've always wanted to try that technique! your results are great.