Tuesday, January 24, 2012

January Sneak Peek; Or, YLYS in (semi) Hiatus

Well then.

My unfortunate predictions about my wrist have come true, and I fear it's highly unlikely that January's (and likely February's) editions of YearLong YarnSong will be published on time.

What with my wrist looking gross and icking me out, my progress has been much.... slower.... than it's normal pace.

Alright, boo hoo session over.

I do have a sneak peek photo for you!


This particular pattern, I'm very keen to have finished. Certainly so that I can share it with you all, but also, rather selfishly, because I WANTS to WEAR IT!

*insert evil laugh here*


Erin Kate said...

So sorry about your wrists! Your knitting looks beautiful though.

Julie said...

oh no!! I'm so sorry your wrist is in a bad way. :( I love the sneak peak- it looks awesome!!