Tuesday, January 03, 2012

2012; Or, How This is Not a New Year's Post

Colour of the Year, Tangerine Tango1

I was pleased to discover that the colour-mascot of 2012 is this fantastic shade of red-orange.
Apparently it was picked because of its "sophisticated and dramatic undertones". Shall 2012 be sophisticated and dramatic, then?

I hope not.2

I prefer to hitch my cart to this colour with the invested symbolic meanings of "fire in the belly", the drive to get things done, choose your goals, choose your desires, choose your path and actually do it work towards it.

To that end, I've made me a list of goals for 2012. And, while this might sound... ridiculous? overly impersonal? twitchy? I heard some advice that setting yourself a personal mission statement can be very helpful for clarity of mind.
I've set that down, too.

I've chosen to focus more, more and more greatly on designing. I want to show you all the lovely things that are dancing around in my head. I want to work with wonderful yarn and gorgeous colours. Maybe even some Tangerine Tango itself.
So this year, plan to see even more from me. *grin grin*

Now, hmmm... I feel that my postmodernist foolishness of a post title needs to be addressed.
Well, I've never been one for resolutions. It seems very much like setting yourself up for failure.

So, I'm re-naming this activity. It's not resolutions I'm making. It's choices and decisions. With no connection in the least to the flipping of a calendar. Yes. No pressure, folks, no pressure.

1 Linky here. Tells more about Pantone, how they choose colours, and who this affects. Namely, everybody! It's like that scene in The Devil Wears Prada, where Meryl Streep goes on and on about why Anne Hathaway's shirt is blue.

2 I don't like drama (that's skirting far too closely to change, and change is frightening), and I'm certainly not sophisticated!

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Mom IsAmagpie said...

That is a really nice orange but I am one of those people who loves orange and yellow and looks frightfully bad in all but two shades.
I wish you luck with focus! That is my word for the year too because I really struggle with it on a daily basis. Can't wait to see what it means for you and your designs.