Thursday, January 12, 2012

Knit-Strology; Or, Extrapolations Based on General and Specific Nonsense - Taurus

PhotobucketSketching a Personality; Or, How I Have fun with Knitting and Astrology

Taurus: The Sign of the Bull
April 21 - May 21

Hiya Taurus!

You're the knitter that will sit there and frog and frog and frog. You'll frog something for yourself. Not because you're a perfectionist, but because you're patient. You'll find your knitting friends will hand you their projects to frog, their stubborn skeins to untangle. That's because you're just as stubborn as that knotted skein!

It's also claimed that your lazy streak could lead you to simply drop a troublesome project - I prefer to think you'll take that bull by the horns and utilize your persistence (read: stubbornness) to a positive end.

Taurus are sensual, as in, taking delight in all the senses. This leads you to pick a pleasantly textured yarn, comfy warm sweater, snuggliest seat in the house and most delicious snack to nestle down with to do your knitting.
You are very practical, though, and while you love the luxurious softness of the qiviut, you're much more likely to pick up that soft blue (and reasonably priced!) superwash merino.

Your practical nature also leads you to be very adept in knitting emergency situations. Yet another reason why your (perhaps more impulsive and impatient) fellow knitters hand you their frustrating project! You're a very reliable friend.

With your respect for tradition and established, reliable techniques, you might not be the first person to jump on the trend bandwagon. You'll be the one utilizing the successful, good, well-tried skills and will generously help anyone experiencing issues with their new-fangled work.

Taurus rule the neck and throat; you have a plethora of projects that would suit you wonderfully! Pull out that scarf pattern, knit yourself a quick cowl.
Try to start your projects on Mondays or Fridays - they're your lucky days.
Stuck on what colour yarn to pick? Taurus' lucky colours are blue and blue-green. Very soothing for those bulls!


Hilary said...

Ok, so I am a MONTH behind on my blog-commenting, but I have read everything! So please pardon the summary comment, but I just wanted to say...

That is pretty amazing about little Peg and her leg. I am so happy she's ok!

I am IN LOVE with Solstice Stag.

I hope your wrist is feeling better!

And, I look forward to what the stars say about us Virgo knitters. :)

Happy New Year! (two weeks late, sigh...)

Anth said...

How funny that I happened to be wearing a wool/cashmere cowl as I read this post. Go Taurus!

alligator said...

Haha, these are great! I can't wait till you get to Libra!

Ravenred (rav name) said...

One thing I've noticed about Taurean knitters is their possesiveness, possevitivity? One that I know loves the praise she receives from her knitting, but always claims to have "lost the pattern" when someone inquires about it.
These are awesome, can't wait to read libra.