Thursday, January 26, 2012

Knit-Strology; Or, Extrapolations Based on General and Specific Nonsense - Capricorn

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Capricorn: The Goat
December 22 - January 20

Hi there Capricorn. How lucky - you're a goat! (all we need now is a bunny astrological sign and we've covered the major fibre-bearing animals!)

Ok, let's get down to brass tacks, here: you have great initiative. Indeed, you might have been the person who set up the knit night group in the first place. Where you fall down is your reticence to ask for help, and false pride to see that you might need it. You're pretty methodical, so believe you've picked out a pattern that perfectly suits your skill level and desires. But you make mistakes too, and can find yourself lingering in unhappy-project hell due to your unfortunate mistake.

You'd make a great teacher; you have the patience to sit there with someone and go over technical details and you love to feel useful, just like the other earth signs Taurus and Virgo. You're someone who knows how to do things, and get things done. You set high standards for yourself and for others, and will accomplish that goal, climb that mountain, and reach the summit of whichever-challenging-project you've picked.

Many knitters turn to you for advice. Your practical and well-thought out responses always seem to solve the problem of which lace shawl should I knit for my sister's wedding, and, do you think I'd actually get use out of this poncho?

You value tradition over innovation, and so your knitting projects will use tried and true techniques to get things done (remember: you shine in that department!)

You are very practical and possibly the most resourceful sign of them all. Your projects will likely utilize the perfect yarn in your stash, and be something that avoids overly trendy looks that might be out of style sometime soon. A beautiful, traditional aran sweater or fair isle gloves will suit your tastes just fine.

Capricorn rules the knees and lower legs. I think some legwarmers are in order!
Lucky day Saturday! Start your projects then.
Gift a Capricorn a skein of brown, grey or black yarn and they'll be very pleased.

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