Monday, January 16, 2012

Knit-Strology; Or, Extrapolations Based on General and Specific Nonsense - Cancer

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Cancer: The Crab
June 22 - July 22

Hi Cancer!

You're the knitter who others turn to for support. You're wonderfully nurturing, and being around you creates an atmosphere of quiet calm that can really balance out a knit night (especially if you're there with some fiery Aries or Leos!)

Not the centre of attention, and you like it that way! Seated securely and comfortably in your home will make you just as happy as going out to the low-key cafe where you meet your buds to knit. And, don't stay away from knit night because you think that comment someone made was a slight on your knitting. Cancers can be overly sensitive; sweep the comment away and meet up with your pals - they'll miss your caring, sweet and supportive self!
You also need the support of other knitters. It's nice to hear that your knitting really is great. Your projects totally are lovely! They'll encourage you to try something new, or to keep plodding away at that ambitious lace shawl you'd love to finish.

Your great memory serves as an encyclopedia for yourself and others; no need to lug that heavy techniques book around, or worry about a wifi connection. The Cancer is here! Likely to remember just how to make that tricky entrelac square.

As an emotional, sentimental person, you cherish the hand knit blanket passed down from your grandmother, and you surround yourself at home with items of nostalgia and comfort. You're also very creative, and likely have at least thought of designing your own work, if not already sporting your very own sweater and hat patterns.

Cancer rules parts of the torso; that's fantastic for patterns! Knit yourself some pullovers, cardigans, wraps and the like!
Orange and white are Cancer's lucky colours. When in doubt, grab these eye-catching hues for that hard-to-buy-for Crab.
Try to start new projects on Mondays or Thursdays - you might find that they're lucky!


Mette said...

A lot of things are spot on with me - funny reading :)

Unknown said...

Described me almost perfectly. :)