Friday, January 06, 2012

Indie Designer Day

PhotobucketDesigner: Kristina Vilimaite
Rav Group: ANIMA Knitting Club
Rav ID: AnimaKnits
Some Great Designs: AnimaKnits' Rav Designer Page

Let's start off this year of indie designer profiles with a knitter who has a lovely, delicate and wearable aesthetic.

AnimaKnits, recently featured in the Winter edition of Knit Circus, has only a handful of patterns. But it's a handful of patterns that are all so attractive and knittable!

I'll point out two:
First, there's Hana Shawl (pictured). I'm a big fan of the wide scarf/shawl garment. I have a couple myself, and find them to be very functional garments. A great way to add a bit of lace to your wardrobe.

There's also a shawl-proper, Late Hours Shawl. Fun fact: this shawl comes in 11 different sizes. Baroo? Whatcoo say? Eleven sizes? Not only is it given in S, M and L, she's also provided different instructions for different gauges.
Very cool.

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meredith MC said...

Thanks for pointing out this designer. I'm also a big fan of the crescent shawl- it's so very wearable.