Friday, July 16, 2010

Indie Designer Day

PhotobucketDesigner: Mary Lena Lynx
Blog: Mary Lena's Blog
Rav ID: marylena
Some Great Designs: marylena's Rav Designer Page

Mary Lena's blog is such a beautiful, whimsical sight. Filled with gorgeous, colourful photos, it perfectly reflects the soft, easy romanticism you can see in her designs.

The one which first caught my eye was the pictured Sedna's Shawl. The colours she's chosen are perfect. I really love how she's paired the simple striping with the delicate lace edging.

Another great piece is her La Capeline de la Framboisine. Again, a great demonstration of how letting a small part (in this case, the lace edging) add that bit of femininity to the knit. And of course the fabulous button-up neck grabs my attention with its classy historicism.

Finally I'll direct your attention to marylena's
Skadi's Shawl. A second great example of the harmony that can be achieved between knitting and crochet! This piece looks so warm and snugly, simple with its moss stitch and detailed with its peaked edging.


Allyson said...

This is fantastic! I'm putting it in my queue straight away. It's lovely and seriously a must knit!

Julie said...

very cool!! I love these designs, and the crochet edgings are amazing.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Immediately fav'd in Rav & totally agree with you about her blog. - spencer

Hilary said...

Oh, I LOVE that! The crochet edging is gorgeous!!