Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Music Me-likes: A Song That Reminds Me of My Childhood

And, for the finale of this gripping series!
I don't have many memories from being a very wee one, but there is one that stands out.
This song was my favourite when I was five; I remember my dad calling me to come out to the car one night as he came home from work to listen to the radio.
Way back in the days when music was just a bit less readily accessible. When you had to wait for the best ones to come on the radio.
Made them just that bit more special, methinks.

Aaaanyway, come join me in some reminiscences, sitting in the bucket-seated, late 70s brown painted Pinto, be-boppin' to some John (Cougar) Mellancamp.

"Cherry Bomb"

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LittleCanoe said...

soooo sweet. i love it, too.