Thursday, July 08, 2010

Music Me-likes: A Song That I Want To Play at My Wedding (And All The Others I've Missed)

Well, I could just copy and paste some of the dj play list, but in the interests of brevity (and sanity) I'll stick to just the one.

This song will be our first dance song.
You might not be surprised to find out that he chose it; at first I was all like "Rod Stewart? Um... no". But, it is rather appropriate lyrically, and has the right kind of spirit for he and I.

So here it is, Rod Stewart "The Final Acclaim".

and, as for the other days I've missed...

Music Me-likes: A Song That I Listen to When I'm Angry

While this may be hard to believe I
1) hardly ever get actually angry
2) when I do indeed get angry, I don't turn to music

So, what I'll do instead is give you a song that really irritates me.

Celine's "My Heart Will Go On"

And finally, A Song That I Listen to When I'm Happy

There's so many!
But one that always makes me smile is this song by Shaggy.
He's compelled to say his name in each song; he's so very consistently confident and cartoonish; he's danceable and laughable.
And in this song, he says my name! Wheeeee!

"Cassandra, let's shake....
Michelle, let's shake...
I want Teresa to shake....
Lisa to shake!"

"Dance and Shout"


Hilary said...

I probably would have had the same reaction at first, but that's a really great Rod Stewart song and will be wonderful for a first dance! And your pick for a song you listen to when you're angry, or rather a song that really irritates you, cracked me up. Most Celine Dion makes me feel about the same way (though I did LOVE that Titanic song when I was 18).

Julie said...

haha, I think it speaks volumes about your character that you would actually put a song that irritates you on your blog!! hilarious! that song irritates me, too. And when it came out, it was a popular first dance song at weddings- talk about missing the lyrics!

Speaking of- wedding update?