Friday, July 09, 2010

Indie Designer Day

PhotobucketDesigner: Tori Gurbisz
Blog: Lachesis and Co.
Rav ID: lachesis77
Some Great Designs: lachesis77's Rav Designer Page

Ahh, a designer who seems to love ribbon in knits about as much as me!

(Evidence: check out her most recent blog posts :) ! )

But, with a couple o' fab non-ribbonized designs, there's the Vixen Shawl (pictured) and Belmondo Shawl.

Vixen is a wonderfully airy, summery shawl; design characteristics which carry over into her Belmondo.

Both these pieces are versatile. The shaping on Vixen allows for a very interesting wear, and it's reversible too!
Belmondo can be worn in many ways. There's a bunch of great pics on the pattern page showing it as a shoulder-warmer, neck-wrapper and hip-hugger (this is the type of shawl that would look so-very-cute as a swimsuit cover up. W00T for summer knits!)

Hot off the presses: her most recent design, Dulcet, was just published a few days ago! It's one of them be-ribboned sweeties. Check it out!

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Julie said...

wow, absolutely stunning!! great designs.