Saturday, July 10, 2010

Music Me-likes: A Song That I'm Embarrassed is on My iPod

I'll admit it. I like "bad" music.
But sometimes even I cross the line - there's a shameful iPod playlist I would have trouble explaining away.
Not just one song but a long, extensive and rather thorough and thoroughly embarrassing iPod playlist.

It was difficult to choose the most embarrassing, but this one is definitely up there.

Spice Girls "Stop"

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Nyssa Jayne said...

i was out on the town the other weekend at one of Melbourne's premier indie venues, the ding dong lounge (y'know, where we all wear vintage and the venue is ironically ugly, ect ect...) at a 90's night. they opened the night with playing some britpop like blur and pulp, moved into some smashing pumpkins and rage against the machine, and then, as it starts to get late/early and everyone's been to the bar several times, losing their inhibitions, the djs pull out their big guns and drop 'stop' by the spice girls! the best part was that everyone on the dancefloor knew all the words, and more importantly, all the moves!

so the moral of the story is have no shame, because somewhere in the world right at this moment, there are some beautiful people dancing along to it!