Tuesday, March 03, 2009

"Snozberry! Who Ever Heard of a Snozberry!"

Strawberry Jug - on blogEvery now and again some non-crafting post sneaks into this blog. I try my best to keep it of the "very interesting" kind, but in this instance it's filed in the "beautiful object" category.

While I've been living on my own for two years now, I still am lacking some of the basics of kitchen preparedness. It was a last-minute-dash, with a sprinkling of daring ingenuity, which allowed me to locate a suitable large cookie platter for a festive get-together last year.

But no longer! I shall be prepared (at least for all those juices I suppose I'll be mixing) now that I've purchased this lovely, lovely strawberry jug. How can you not smile at a strawberry jug?

(fyi: it's a piece by Portmeirion, from the Eden Fruits collection. There's a bunch of other edibles portrayed beautifully on their pottery, but the strawberries won me over).

Reason for the non-crafting post?: well... my rather sorry excuse for an excuse is the dramatically cold temperatures outside, preventing me from creative photography. I'll also venture forth that I need to locate a willing photographer (who also has to understand the sometimes naughty personality of my camera). But knitting has been done! I swear it. And it shall be seen. Stay tuned.

Oh yes, and if you're, for whatever reason, unfamiliar with the quote in my post title, here's a linky to a YouTube Vid that'll explain it quite nicely.


Sarah said...

That is a beautiful pitcher! I want one!

Love the post title reference. It's one of my favourite movies.

Hilary said...

Hey, I like the non-crafty posts, too...especially when they have strawberries on them! What a lovely, lovely pitcher.

Domi said...

That is a beautiful pitcher! I want one! me to, I love im