Friday, March 27, 2009

Indie Designer Day

PhotobucketDesigner: Trish Woodson
Blog: ttwcreative: making beautiful things out of yarn
Rav ID: ttwcreative
Some Great Designs: ttwcreative's Rav Designer Page

In a recent discussion with a knitting-friend, we came to the conclusion that bulkier yarns are not always the easiest to work with. I think it takes a particular talent to design something with a thick string o' yarn, and ttwcreative has harnessed the best qualities of this weight and used them with very pleasing effects in her designs!

Her knit, My Kind of Town Cowl (pictured), practically depends on the interplay of yarn and shape. See her blog or her Rav projects page for numerous ways of wearing it!

Lynn's Shrug is another cool demonstration of how bulky yarn can really work. I love how this piece is multidirectional; it adds subtle texture change and interests in the knit. And, get ready for me to BLOW YOUR MIND!: it's actually a seamless design.

Yeppers, a designer after my own heart :)


Team Knit said...

Love that big chunky cowl, and I've never seen it before! Thanks for posting about it.

- Julie

Hilary said...

Very cool! The cowl seems like an excellent way to use up bulky stash yarn! Quite elegant, too, which is a feat for a bulky knit.

Trish said...

Wow, I'm blushing over here! You say such wonderful things about me. What a way to start a great weekend!