Friday, March 13, 2009

Indie Designer Day

Designer: Leo
Blog: Hungry Knitter
Rav ID: laurenO
Some Great Designs: laurenO's Rav Designer Page

Today I'm going to focus on one beautiful pattern: laurneO's Herringbone Cowl. This knit (generously offered for free) is one of those one-skein wonders you dream about. A perfect combination of yarn (Manos Silk Blend) and design (simple herringbone texture and basic circular cowl construction). Each plays off the strengths of the other. The delicate nuances of colour in the hand-dyed yarn, along with the sheen provided by the silk, allows the beauty of the herringbone stitch to shine. Of course, the practicality of having a wool-blend for a cowl is pretty evident: in this case, it also lends the elasticity needed for an over-the-head accessory, ensuring that the knit won't stretch out to sad-and-possibly-unwearable proportions.

I do realize that Spring is coming on. But I shun it and its non-knit wearing warmth, and direct the reader to remember that winter always comes back around, and you can never be too prepared :)


lauren said...

Hey that's me! :) Thanks for the props.

Hilary said...

I LOVE that cowl! It seems like it would be perfect for that one skein of handspun or special souvenir yarn in ones stash. And boy does it show off that Manos Silk nicely!