Friday, March 20, 2009

Indie Designer Day

Designer: Shannon M. Simonelli
Blog: Welcome to the Knitosphere
Rav ID: Shanny
Some Great Designs: Shanny's Rav Designer Page

Winter knits? On this, the first day of spring? I think toques are one of the most perfectest knits out there - and so I display this lovely hat as a wonderful example of Shanny's designing talent.

I love a knit with a good story, and Tuesday's Miracle (pictured right) has a lovely one. I've recently been eyeing up cable patterns, and I love this one for its boldness and simplicity.

Another toque from Shanny is the colourworked Vermont Hat. The way the two colour patterns play off of each other reminds me of an Escher :)

And, in a nod to the new season beginning today, there's the very cute Felted Vase, a pattern created to hold some lovely hand knit flowers (specifically, those found here on Knitty).

Happy Spring!


Mary said...

Shannon is a wonderful person as well as talented designer. Thanks for featuring such a sweet friend!

Gitte said...

Hi, I found your blog through Ravelry, and love your knitting. I have used some of your fotos on my blog to make a bit of advartising for your lovely patterns. Hope it is Okey ;-)