Sunday, March 15, 2009

That 70s Sweater

Pattern: My 70s Sweater
Yarn: KnitPicks Wool of the AndesPhotobucket

Why I like it: I've actually finished a practically perpetual WIP. As of late, those've been piling up on me.
I also got to play with intarsia, which is fun (save for the nightmare of ends one has to weave in). It was also a chance to try out a different KnitPicks yarn, and experiment with collars and necklines.

Why is there an obviously-missing tree in the back there, right there, so clear that anyone could notice it?:
Well, I not good for maths, and coupled with the tear-inducing idea of ripping back intarsia, I made the executive decision to just let it go.

My opines on the yarn: good for what you're paying. It's snugly, and decent to knit with. It's springy and soft enough so as not to be itchy in the least. I believe it also has a decent range of colours, so you can get nice an creative with your colourwork.

Though for me, I think colourwork is on its way out (for a few projects, at least!)


Anonymous said...

I love the look of the sweater! Very homey yet cool. I've been doing a lot of intarsia recently with my Motif of the Week series, ( so I really feel your ends-weaving pain!

I don't think I would have noticed the missing tree if you hadn't mentioned it. It's a nice touch actually, you *know* somebody did a lot of work in figuring it all out and knitting it.

Meghan said...

Great sweater! I love the bears. I wonder if you could embroider the last tree on?

2BSewing: said...

Love your sweater! I wouldn't have noticed the missing tree. We'll just call it a unique design. :)

Thanks for including your experience working with the Knit Picks yarn.

Hilary said...

What a great sweater. I mean, really -- 70's, but not too 70's, cozy but still flattering -- love it! And I didn't even notice the missing tree in the back until you mentioned it. Intarsia still freaks me out a bit, but I am inspired after seeing this!

LittleCanoe said...

I love this sweater! I'm really into those 70's sort of ugly Christmas sweaters. Intarsia is a favorite look of mine, you should see my sweater drawer! Great job, what talent!

Ellen said...

This turned out really neat; love that collar!
I was going to suggest the same thing as Meghan; adding the last tree using duplicate stitch might work... said...

I love it-they style, the pattern, the colors...all of it!