Thursday, July 30, 2015


Yes, believe it friends. I've completed a Pi shawl.
You may have noticed a distinct lack of shawls on this blog. Attractive as they are, I generally can't seem to imagine fitting them in to my wardrobe.

But I've been seduced! I've been seduced by the possibilities of fringe and simplicity of knitting to embrace Elizabeth Zimmermann's classic Pi shawl.

Using Yarn Indulgences fingering I picked up at the Kitchener-Waterloo Knitter's Fair last September. This isn't even a yarn colour I'd generally purchase. So, like, everything about this project is weirdly, unusually, mindlessly self-indulgent.

I wanted a simple pattern.
I wanted to not think.
I wanted to try a new colour for me.
I wanted to experience a classic pattern.
And I SO wanted to have a fringe fest.

I used one hank entirely for the body, which as you'll see isn't huge. The bulk of the other hank was used for fringe. Each fringe length was cut to 18" (so that leads to a 9" fringe, as it's looped through each end stitch at the fringe's mid point).

If I'm bringing you over to the fringe side, can I suggest you give this fantastic article a read from the Warm Weather Accessories issue of Holla Knits? My pal Leah wrote it, and designed the LUSCIOUS Taken by the Wind shawl.



Meredith M said...

That is really a dramatic fringe. So pretty!

Leah said...

Holy moly I loooove this so much. I really appreciate your commitment to the fringe!

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Very nice....