Thursday, July 23, 2015

Great Northern: Scariest and Funniest Twin Peaks Moments

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Twin Peaks is full of both the very scary and the very funny. Here are my top three favourite scary and funny scenes from the show.

Scary Scene 1:
The one where Bob comes right at the camera. Poor Maddy.

Scary Scene 2:
The one where Laura screams.

Scary Scene 3:
The one where Leland Palmer gets possessed by Bob, and forcibly dances with Donna.
Leland's image in the mirror reflected as Bob is possibly the creepiest.
But hey, there's so many more scary scenes! Check out this video with a few more selections.
And now, to lighten the mood with my favourite funny scenes!

Funny Scene 1:
The one where Albert Rosenfield and the sheriff are super macho and grab each other in a fight-threat hyperbole.

Funny Scene 2:
The one where Andy knocks himself on the head.
Nearly any Andy scene is funny. But this one sends me way back to my childhood spent watching too much Three Stooges.

Funny Scene 3:
The one where Lucy and Andy have an inappropriate sperm talk in front of a repairman.

What are YOUR favourite scary and funny scenes from Twin Peaks?

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kingshearte said...

Nothing really beats that first Bob clip. Nothing in that show, and possibly nothing in the universe. That is something I seriously never need to see again. It's quite sufficiently burned into my brain from just one viewing. Shudder.