Friday, July 17, 2015

Indie Designer Day

Designer: Tonesen design
Blog: TonesenDesign
Rav ID: tonesen
Some Great Designs: tonesen's Rav Designer Page

I think this designer's work is best stated by the designer herself! Here's a quote taken from her Designer Page on Ravelry:
"A Norwegian who is very interested in kofter (cardigans) and their history. Because of this interest I started the Norwegian group “Koftegruppa” on Facebook in 2013.
I am huge fan of patterns and typical shapes from decades before the 80’s. That is what inspire me in my designs and my redesigns."
She has seven designs right now on Ravelry, all sweaters with beautiful colourwork. I'm going to show you two.

First up is the pictured Kvistymre. This is her most recently published design, and I think it shows off her vintage and traditional sensibilities quite well.  

Second, I want to point you to Skogstjerner. This is a colourwork yoke sweater, as opposed to an overall colourwork sweater like Kvistymre above. The reason this sweater really caught my attention was her fun choices in yarn colour for the sample. Greens and orange a white!

Head on over to her Ravelry Designer Page to read and see more!

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Andrea @ This Knitted Life said...

Oh such talent. Very cool when someone gets really into their craft.