Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Handmade Fashion Challenge: The Pieces

You are a maker. You are passionate. You are up for a challenge.
Want to join the challenge? Check out the details on this post.

Last week I went over  my answers to Jean's Style Guide.
This week, I want to show you the choices I've made!

And sticking to the rules, I'll also post this declaration on Instagram with the hashtag #hmfc2015.

Theme: 1970s Glam

Piece #1
Knit Crop Top

  • Check out the bottom right image in that mosaic there. That's a cute crop top I knit for myself right before TNNA this May. I've had dreams of doing up more, and with colourwork, even, so I think this is a great opportunity for that.
  • Why does this fit into a) 1970s glam and b) something I want/need for my wardrobe? The 70s were way big on crop tops, don't ya know! (have a looky at my extensive 70s inspired Pinterest board). Also, I've come to realize that I LOVE wearing skirts, but I'm not happy with how most sweaters look with a skirt on me. So, the solution is to get a sweater that ends right where the skirt band starts: the natural waist!

Piece #2
Sewn Crop Top

  • See most of the answers to #1 for my reasons. The pic is the top one on the left in the mosaic; that's a crop top I sewed for myself last year.

Piece #3
Sewn 70s Skirt
  • Pretty self explanatory. Go 70s skirt go! I have plenty of vintage patterns, two of which you see in the middle left image in the mosaic. So, my question is: which skirt should I sew?

Piece #4
Crocheted Poncho
  • Ahhh, the poncho. I decided that my 1970s Glam wardrobe needed one of these because, in all honesty, shrugs/wraps/etc... get a lot of use from me. They're very hand to have at work, as it's pretty heavily air conditioned and can sometimes get chilly. I figure a poncho does the very same thing, especially the one that I have in mind to make.
  • You'll notice in the bottom left image there that I already have at least ONE granny square crocheted. This is in keeping with the rules, where you're allowed one WIP. So far I have about 15 squares; I calculate I'll need something like 330. So, yah. Time to get crocheting!

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