Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Handmade Fashion Challenge

You are a maker. You are passionate. You are up for a challenge.

Use your talents to create for yourself and participate in the Handmade Fashion Challenge.

Jean Chung and I are both dedicated makers who love fashion and the fulfillment and pride a maker feels when wearing their own handcrafted items.
Creating because it brings joy is fantastic; but creating mindfully, with a critical eye to what you actually wear and will find practical use of in your wardrobe is even more powerful.

Here’s the details on the Handmade Fashion Challenge.

WHY: Your clothing should be relevant to your life and impart positive energy into your every day. We want to encourage you to make pieces you’ll actually wear this fall/winter, and share the experience with your fellow crafters on Instagram!

WHAT: Mini collection of your choice of 4 pieces for your wardrobe fall/winter 2015 wardrobe. Anything, any craft, any skill level you want. But definitely something you’ll use.

WHERE: Instagram. The visual format is straightforward and the hashtaging allows everyone to easily share with each other. You can participate by announcing your planned pieces, photograph your progress, your finished items, and anything in between. Just remember to hashtag #hfc2015

WHEN: July 1 - October 31, 2015.

PRIZES: A winner will be drawn from the pool of participants who have completed their challenge.  

HOW: To be eligible for the prize draws, you MUST post finished garment photos of each piece you’ve created by October 31, 2015 with the hashtag #HMFC2015. YOU ARE ALLOWED 1 WIP; the three other items must be new projects.
Winner(s) will be announced on November 3, 2015.

Take the HMFC2015 Style Quiz to help you refine your wardrobe!
Instagram: take fun and interesting photos with the free apps Aviary, Fused, Rookie, Instagram Layout, and more!
Thoughtful wardrobes: read more on the helpful Coletterie


Meredith MC said...

Do current WIPs count?

kingshearte said...

Ooh, this could be a good kick in the butt to actually start sewing some stuff. I could probably come up with four items... I won't even "cheat" and just knit myself four pairs of socks. :) Hm...

Teresa said...

Hi MeredithMC: Thanks for asking this! I've updated the "how to win" details. You're allowed 1 WIP. The other three items must be new pieces. Hope you join in and have a great time!!

Bridget said...

Late to this, but it has inspired me to give it a try, though I don't know at this second what my projects will be ...