Monday, July 06, 2015


It's no secret: I love me my camping.
I got to get away for the first of a couple such trips this summer about a week ago, and I just wanted to share my camping joy with you all.

Some of the fun tips and tricks I use gathered on my Pinterest board.

I went yet again to one of my favourite places on earth, Algonquin Park. My husband and I stayed for three nights, and you had to pry me away on that 4th day.

It rained only one day, but yikes, those mosquitoes were OUT in full force. I had to buy one of those netted hats to keep them off me face, and spray copious amounts of repellent.

I did get to see a bunch of new birds, which for this bird nerd, is pretty exciting. There was a Loon who liked to paddle past our campsite early in the morning, and a Blue Heron who made me laugh with his goofy antics. Dude actually tripped on something in the river and was all like, "no! Hey! I'm good! Totally meant to do that!"

SO HAPPY with my fireside word search.

We hiked four trails, and I was extra motivated to cover that ground when I discovered you can buy trail badges! Oh holy crap! My inner Girl Guide was super pleased about that. I picked up one badge for each trail I've done, and an currently trying to figure out the best use for them. Blanket? Backpack?

As you can see in a bit of a sneak peek up there, I brought along a wee bit of knitting. Well, it was actually a LOT of knitting, which ended up being a smart choice, as most of Sunday was spent all cozied up in the tent.

On the way back home we had to stop at the delicious Kawartha Dairy. I got two flavours: chocolate peanut butter and raspberry-lemon-lime sherbert. If you can believe it, I actually like the sherbert better.

How about you? Are you going camping this year? Have any Ontario parks you can recommend?


Ecochic said...

Mmm Kawartha Dairy!!

Which campground did you go to? We are always looking for new places to checkout.

Andrea @ This Knitted Life said...

I love camping also but DESPISE mosquitos. Happy knitting!

Teresa said...

Hi Ecochic! We went to Pog Lake. I LOVE it there. There's a lot of sites with great privacy, not to far from the Two Rivers store. Highly recommended!