Monday, March 17, 2014

He's the Dude, Even Without His Sweater

I'm rounding the corner!
At least, I'm telling myself this partial truth in order to diminish my shame and guilt for still, on the eve of what I'm hoping may be spring, not having my boyfriend's Christmas gift complete.

I'm about halfway through the second sleeve, which means I only have to seam both of those in, knit the neckline, and sew the zipper.

But here I present photographic proof of the pile of knitting I've done. Really!
I joked about a month ago that I'd be seaming the last seam on the first really warm day of the year. This may prove to be part self-fulfilling prophecy, and part incredible perception.

I'm enjoying the knit - really! It's a very relaxing pattern to follow.
I also have these fantasies that, if I really do finish this just in time for my boyfriend to not be able to wear it this winter, he'll be handsomely sporting it on some wonderous night while we're camping.
Can you even imagine camping? Do you remember the summertime? I'm not sure it's real.
I'll keep you in the loop if I find solid evidence of this "summertime".

In the meantime, I knitterly knit knit away.

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Hilary said...

Well done!! Even if it's late, it's better than nothing! (Which is exactly what I've knit for my husband since the one sweater I made him in 2007. Oh! And the scarf I made him in 2008 with the Rowan Tapestry YOU sent me!) Anyway, it looks awesome and I'm sure it'll be well loved!