Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Plum Rondo: An Exercise in HappyTimes

I've had pan-craftual startitis.
It's a very serious condition, where you run screaming from your deadline knitting into the waiting, warm, and wuvly1 arms of every other thing you like that's crossed your path in the last two weeks.

Yesterday I showed you the skirt I just finished. And as soon as I get me a photographer, I'll show you the dress I just sewed, but today's peek into my plethora of procrasti-projects is the Plum Rondo a la Turk by Julia Farwell-Clay.
I first spied it in Knitty's Fall 2013 issue and fell in love immediately, but I didn't have the time or yarn to jump in.
Then I saw Threadpanda's very pretty version a few days ago and decided it's time for the Rondo to begin.
The pattern calls for worsted weight, but I'm stubborn and have had what turns out to be the perfect (coloured) yarn for the project for nigh on an embarrassing number of years.
It's madelinetosh Pashmina in Fig, Tomato, Citrus and Gilded. Oooo... fiery yarns...
This yarn is happiness running through your fingers as you knit. But one thing: it's absolutely not the right weight. Which means this will turn out to be less of a relax-a-knit, and a bit more of a doing-maths-a-knit. I chuckle with confidence and strut with unwon pride around the barnyard that is my Farm of Possible Doom (this is a very silly post. The mood happens to strike.)

Translated into English, I think I mean to say that it's all fine and good for me to be pleased with my progress and math/gauge messing now, but I suspect the sailing will stop being smooth about the time I have to navigate the beautiful yoke. In particular, I fear the demons row gauge un-checked may strike upon me.

But writing it out in a blog post means that it won't be a problem, right?

In absolutely unrelated news: the giveaway for the adorable Raise A Glass! embroidery pattern from Red Letter Day Stitches has been drawn and the winner is Meredith MC!
Congratulations! Just pm me on ravelry @canarysanctuary and let me know your preferred email address to receive the pattern pdf.

1 Uh.... the things I do for alliteration.


SonjaLoyd said...

Beautiful Color

Meredith MC said...

Ah- your a pan-craftual enabler I see! Thanks for the pattern- I can't wait to go floss shopping!