Monday, March 31, 2014

Quiltfest 2014

The promise that raw crafting materials brings is almost irresistible. This is one of the many reasons I have multiple stashes.
There's the yarn stash, of course. It lives in a few places in my house.
There's also the crafting book stash; full of inspiration untapped and projects yet unmade.
This year, I've decided to diminish one of my often overlooked stashes, the cotton fabric.
I've been adding to it for years; now it's time to start using The Pretties. I've already jumped into some sewing. Next up is quilting! All those less-than-2-metres of fabric need using, and my friends need birthday gifts, so a fantastic synergistic solution has been found.

My friends are getting birthday quilts this year!

Up first for 2014 is my March 16 birthday friend. She's funny, strong, inspirational, and talented. I only hope she digs her blue/purple/green themed quilt. It's not the most exciting quilt in the universe, but will certainly do to keep a lap warm.

Next up: I need to learn how to take more interesting shots of quilts!

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Hilary said...

I SO know what you mean about the promise of raw crafting materials...I love how you put that! And good for you for cutting into the pretties! I have a giant hoard of fabric and, seriously, I need to do something with it, too. I love your quilt -- just beautiful!