Friday, March 14, 2014

Indie Designer Day

Designer: Freshisle Fibers
Blog: Freshisle Fibers and shop
Rav ID: freshisle
Some Great Designs: freshisle's Rav Designer Page

Fun colourwork accessories are my faves from the offerings over at freshisle's ravelry shop.

Hailing from the great land that is Manitoulin Island, freshisle likes to create her hand-dyed yarns naturally, with local plants and flowers. I see she's also had some traditional Canadiana influence some of her work; here, the pictured  Curling Rock Mittens and the super funny (and inventive!) Curling Rock Hat. I really like the colours of the mittens!

Here are the All You Need is Love mittens. Such great, classic, colourwork. I particularly like how she's chosen to create the samples in the opposing colours.

I think many of your will enjoy the Winter is Coming mitts; especially the pattern photo with the dog!

Check out her other work; there's an array of pieces there, some of which are a nod to the great Harry Potter!

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Meredith MC said...

Cute projects- I like the "All you need is love" mittss.