Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Addicted to SewLove

I have this habit, and it's a bad one.
When I have a long list of crafting To Do, I tend to procrastinate with other crafting.
I'm not sure where this habit came from; it was in my nature all throughout school to be done any sort of assignment as soon as humanly possible.

And while I may continue to rifle through my psyche for the root of this issue, I sort of can't complain about the output.

Case in point: the last week or so has seen me jump headlong into my sewing.
I've finished two garments in as many days, and want to share the first of them with you here:

Cynthia Rowley Skirt Pattern, Simplicity 2512

I'm quite happy with this skirt. I certainly have a ways to go yet in my sewing skills: I have no patience for closing up raw edges on the inside of the garment, and just wing it when it comes to installing zippers, but I'm getting to the point where I'm not really self-conscious about wearing my home-sewn garments in public.

This pattern was another used-clothing-store find, and in my size! Every time that happens I get so damn giddy.
But as for "my size", I've come to realize that I always have to cut a size smaller than expected to get a garment that will actually fit. According to the measurements on the envelope, I'm pretty much an exact size 12, but it's the size 10 that I'm wearing and fits me well.

Also: if you're thinking of sewing garments, I'd recommend joining Sewing Pattern Reviews. It's free, and gives you access to loads of great info about any given pattern. I'm off to write my first review - about this skirt!

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kingshearte said...

Patterns are funny. You take your measurements, discover that you should make something several sizes larger than what you wear in prefab, and then find that it's all too big, so you end up back at the size you normally wear anyway.