Friday, March 09, 2007

The Story of the Little Spencer Continues

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Here it be: since this photo was taken, more progress has been done, but I had to update you all (yes, all three of you who read this blog), as to the wee Spencer situation.

I'm working the two front panels at once, and just sort of eye-balling it up against the actual Guess top. I'm using this yarn, "Wendy" by Peter Pan - I just found it in the baby yarn section at the good ol' Lens Mill Store. It's a tiny gauge, with tiny needles (2.25 mm, I believe). I truly almost stabbed my leg with one last night - vicious things, they are.

I've also discovered that I love tiny gauge. It creates a fabric that's entirely beautiful, fascinating (and I hope) entirely wearable.


Way Out Wear said...

Wow- you're doing a wonderful job. And the tiny gauge? Oh I'm so trying to learn to like it. I did like the small, fine stitchs on the socks I made, but some of the baby stuff just seems to take so long.... I'm envious.

DonnaC said...

I guess that's why they say, "Beauty is in the details". I love tiny gauge. I especially like the reaction from non-knitters when they see how tiny it really is!rachel

Teresa said...

Thanks so much! I hope to have a FO to show in a couple days :)