Thursday, March 08, 2007

Makin' Plans

At a much-needed knitting knight yestereve, the topic of dressforms came up, and a wonderful idea was brought to my attention. Methinks I'm buying some duct tape and having a tape-up-the-knitter-night tonight!

In other news:

Here is the previously mentioned sketch for my fair isle halter top with the Rowan cotton.
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I've yet to decide on what, exactly, the fair isle bit will look like. I've never designed any fair isle before, so this might get a little messy.

Elann has arrived at the sanctuary:

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This, my friends, will hopefully become this:
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Or, more accurately, this:

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Why it always looks so different on the models than on reality is quite a puzzle.

The wonderful stretch capabilities of this Elann Esprit yarn are demonstrated below.

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I've purchased enough (if my calculations are correct) to make two little Spencers (which, I promise, will have a creative name once I've finished designing and transcribing). I've also purchased enough to have another go at the Molly Ringwald (this time in cotton, and not handspun!) and something that I couldn't resist - baby alpaca and silk in an olive green. God knows what I'll do with it. It's too pretty (and reasonably priced) to pass up.

And now to conclude this monster post.

Happy knitting, all!


Anonymous said...

What kind of scaffolding, er, I mean support are you putting in the halter to hold up you big boobs?

Anonymous said...

Oh, and little spencer looks different on the model, becasue her boobs are less real than yours.

Happy international women's Day!

Anonymous said...

NOtice that all my posts have to do with boobs lately? Weird that is.

Anonymous said...

I love that you got really excited when you saw how many comments you had to this post, ad that when you saw that they were all from me you probably dropped an f-bomb.

Oh yeah, boobs.

Anonymous said...

OMG, I absolutely love Esprit! I have only used it for socks and a tube top so far - must try it for a cute little summer top now!

On the duct tape/dressform thing, I need to do the same thing. Fun!

Teresa said...

robin, I'm very excited to start knitting with the Esprit. It seems very versatile. I love how on their website they give the yardage per ball in both stretched and unstretched (it really has springy-ness to it!).

steph: you sneaky minx! I was happy to see many comments, and then you let me down. F-bomb here and f-bomb there.
ps: I always take every eventuality into design consideration. The halter is meant to be worn with my favourite bikini top, silly.

Hope said...

I made a duct tape dressform one time. It worked pretty well. The biggest trouble I had was finding a pole to put on. Later I bought I regular one, and now that one isn't the same size as me anymore. I need to get a new one, because they are SUPER handy.

Way Out Wear said...

I've seen the duct tape dress form and it really seams to work...have you tried it yet?

Teresa said...

Still haven't done the dressform yet. I've always something else to do when I get home at night - I must make time for it, though. It seems really great!