Sunday, March 25, 2007

Progress Negative on Wee Spencer

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How comes my spencer? Very slowly indeed.
The above picture demonstrates my newly formed doppelganger at work, displaying my mostly-done WIP. I've still to CO for the sleeves.

Happily I blocked the nylon/acrylic mix (which actually blocked out nicely), only to find that the "knitting pins" I used left me a nasty rust stain behind! See pic below:
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Luckily, the discoloured bits will go on the underside of the button edge.

Very quick update, my readers. I must be off now to work on another WIP which has caught my attention: Lady E le deux. (in Noro Kureyon 178, just in case you were wondering).


Anonymous said...

Grrr, rust spots!! From pins that are supposed to be for blocking? That would aggravate me.

Teresa said...

They were cheap pins, but they said "knitting pins" on the package, so I assumed. I will assume no more!

Anonymous said...

you know what happens when you assume.... I had a teacher in high school that said that.. it used to annoy me.

Wasn't it you who told me, "you get what you pay for"?