Saturday, March 10, 2007

Knit Picks Arrives to Great Enthusiasm

My happiness levels skyrocketed when I got that promising wee notice in the mail that I had a package to pick up at the PO. Indeed, it was the Knit Picks order (unfortunately, not in time before Spring sprung - it's already 3 degrees today, and heading ever northwards over the next week. I just might be one of the only people who are lamenting the warmer temperatures).

Here, you see my impatience to work on the FI:

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I decided to weave in all the ends and sew up the body. And block. Check and check.
Then I decided to weave in the ends on the sleeves. Half-check.

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Now I need to finish them up, sew them in, block them out, and add the neck.

Cute update: here are two amigurumis I made for a craftster swap.

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Mr. Raccoon and Zebra dude are made from online patterns, and various shades of Bernat Satin. I think Rocky has something of an attitude.


Ilix said...

Lookin' good!

Anonymous said...

ohh i love that sweater, i have it on my to do list! I just love fairisle for some reason...

Teresa said...

I love it too - I like this one in particular so much that I'm making a second (and I already have the yarn to prove it!)