Thursday, March 08, 2007

Shedir (and matching mitts) Fini!

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Here is the completed Shedir (and matching mitts I made with the leftover yarn).

Pattern: Shedir
Yarn: Rosarios 4 Solisticos (this is some yarn I received in a swap from Portugal)
Things I'd change:
nothing about the Shedir pattern, just my stubborn yarn choice. I wanted to knit from stash yarn, and this was just about enough for a hat (and mitts, obviously). This was a larger-than-called for yarn, and after several false starts, I got the right gauge.
Unfortunately, I neglected to notice that when I was finishing the top, it was getting a little, uh... pointy. Very elf-like. I'll still wear it, and I could fix it, but I'm knitting-lazy.

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same yarn as above, pattern from my head (other than the cable, to match the Shedir).

On to the next hat!


Anonymous said...

I satill think its cute. And since you're so short, you could pull off an elf-like hat for sure.

Teresa said...

Hahaa, oh yes. I'm actually referred to as the munchkin by some people at home. Just need the curly toed shoes!