Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Holla Knits Winter 2015

Holla Knits is AMAZING. You all know that by now.
This magazine is at the front of the knitting pattern pack, pushing boundaries and paving the way for bold and brave fashion.

The years of knitting patterns from this magazine have spoken, shouted, proclaimed! the awesomeness of Holla Knits.

But I won't tell you about it here: you can pick up the latest issue and read about the ABCs of Holla Style! Allyson and I teamed up to create this fun alphabet of what Holla Knits is all about. We went through each letter and matched it up with HK patterns that embody its style.

Our article is just a wee part of this fantastic issue.

It includes a neckline tutorial and five new patterns. My FAVOURITE of which is Emily Ringelman's Fair Isle PANTS.

Fair Isle PANTS. People, aren't these the wildest?

Follow along with the rest of the blog tour by checking out the schedule below.

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Meredith MC said...

Omg- I own a similarish pair that I bought at target a few years ago, but they are in terrible shape. Even so, it's hard not to love knitted Jammie's. So I want these. Real. Bad.