Monday, November 02, 2015

Neon Neutral Triangle Club: Emma and Sarah's Designs!

Get the collection here.

I'm excited about this collection!
It's brought together a number of things I really dig, and it gave me the opportunity to work with two fantastic designers!

Today I'd like to tell you a bit about Emma and Sarah's pieces, and why I think they're fantastic.

Emma Welford
This lady is so on my page with her design work. A few months back I reviewed her independently published collection Let Them Knit Cake, which is inspired by Marie Antionette, but for the modern woman. She's got that interest in history and cutting edge of fun contemporaility that I really admire in a designer.
Her two contributions to the Neon Neutral Triangle Club show this aesthetic off perfectly.

Acute-ly Preppy
Emma wrote of this sweater that it is "a labor of love, product knitter type of sweater". It's complex and intricate, with finishing and other details that make Acute-ly Preppy exactly the kind of design I love: something unlike most others. Something that has the distinct mark of the creative maker. Something I can look at and say "hey! That's a stand out piece! It looks like something Emma would design!"
You can pick up Acute-ly Preppy in the ebook, or as a single pattern.

Triangle Inception
For her accessory design, Emma chose to make something that was less complex than her garment,
but equally bearing the mark of her thoughtful process. This piece is a fairly simple shawl, featuring slip stitch surface crochet for those lovely triangular "spokes". My favourite thing about this design is how it was designed to show off variegated yarn. I've always had trouble figuring out the best use for this type of dye, but I think this piece is perfect for it.
You can pick up Triangle Inception in the ebook, or as a single pattern.

Sarah Hurwitz
Sarah also has that fun and bold bent to her work that I so admire. One of my recent favourites of hers is the Elevé Pullover from Knitscene Summer 2015. It's a playfully geometric crop top (so you know I love it!). I think her style is shown off very well in both her designs in the Neon Neutral Triangle Club.

Pinkerton Top
In her garment design for the NNTC, Sarah has given us a top that pulls together fun sweater elements that pop! I LOVE how the brightness of the colour doesn't overwhelm, but does cascade and meander all over this piece. It draws your eye up to the wearer's face, but then also circles around the shoulders to unify the sweater, making it all hum together instead of break apart. It also has a cute split seam right at the bottom edge, and a cozy fit overall that speaks of a comfy chic.
You can pick up the Pinkerton Top in the ebook, or as a single pattern.

Tessellate Hat
For Sarah's accessory contribution to NNTC, she's similarly unified a piece with colour and taken the edge of a brightness that might otherwise be too strong an element for the smallness of the design. The neon swath of the Tessellate Hat is broken up both by the equalizing neutral of the grey trim, but also the textural effect of the eyelet triangles. It's that fine balance that is absolutely my favourite thing about this hat.
You can pick up the Tessellate Hat in the ebook, or as a single pattern.

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