Monday, November 09, 2015

Great Northern: One Month in from Kickstarter Success

This owl mug cozy is available for test knitting!
Leah and I have finally made it back to normal after the excitement of the Kickstarter.

We want to keep you all updated on a regular basis; so this is the first in a set of updates we're going to be giving you here on the blog.

So, what have we done in the month that's passed since we've been funded?

  • as soon as the funds were successfully deposited into our account (which took about 14 days), we began contacting backers to arrange reward delivery; 85% of backers have either been contacted or received their rewards. If you haven't heard from us yet, don't worry! We're working our way through the list! :)
  • we'll be delivering our first sweater patterns to our tech editor this week
  • there's a test knit happening for the first of the houseware designs
  • we're both in the midst of our second sweater designs for the book 

  • Leah's thinking about developing a mod for her "From Another Place" sweater! (It's seeeeeecret! But here's a hint: Teresa is super excited about it!)
  • We've had an influx of members to the Great Northern Ravelry Group! Welcome, everyone! Hope to see you there, too!
  • The fantastic CSDye has been added to our list of wonderful yarn support providers.

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