Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Handmade Fashion Challenge: Wrap Up!

You are a maker. You are passionate. You are up for a challenge.
Congratulations to all HMFC2015 participants. We made it!

The winner is kingshearte! We'll get your your choice of patterns on Ravelry.

As far as my own HMFC2015 pieces go, I didn't complete all my four items of Sewn Crop Top, Sewn Skirt, Crocheted Poncho, and Knit Crop Top.

I'm in the middle of my poncho.

And I'm SO CLOSE to the end of my skirt.

But I DID (in spades, actually) complete my Knit Crop Top component!
There's scads of reason/excuses I could give for this being my only completed item, but the most real thing I can say about it is that this particular project captured my heart and imagination. I've invested in it a number of values, from stress-reduction to self-esteem boost. I've spoken at length on this blog about crop tops and my belief that we should all wear what we want (we ALL have fantastic bodies; we ALL have "crop top" bodies). It's no secret that this garment type has jivved with my own personal body politics!!

Anyhow, I've completed eight crop tops since the start of the HMFC. And it's inspired me to make this into a pattern that will be available in the Spring of next year. I want to spread the crop top joy to everyone!
So stay tuned! I still love the idea of my crocheted poncho, sewn skirt, and sewn crop top. 

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Meredith MC said...

Your cropped top is super cute. A win for sure, even if everything isn't finished on time.