Wednesday, June 03, 2015

TNNA Recap 2015

This past weekend I spent four fantastic days in Columbus Ohio for the TNNA summer show. I've come home with some exciting new ideas and collaborations I can't wait to get working on.
But, let's start at the beginning.

Hamilton to Columbus is a 6.5 hour drive. Not to worry though, cause I came prepared with tunes, bottles of water, and my favourite on-the-road snack, granola bars. When I arrived around 4:00, I settled in the hotel and was shortly thereafter joined by my fantastic roomies Allyson, Heidi, Carina and Leah (a roomie in spirit!).

The rest of the evening we spent eating good eats, drinking yummy beer (more on that later), talking some shop, and checking out some of the newest trends at the fashion show.
I saw a few pieces that were pretty cool (some of the Anzula garments were faves) but I'm surprised and interested to report that there was a rather astonishing number of ponchos. Keep your eyes peeled for these, people! As you all know, I'm pretty bold in my fashion, so I'm rolling the idea of ponchos around in my brain...

Working on something GREAT with Leah!
The next two days I hit the show floor and met with a few collaborators about ideas and projects both in the abstract and concrete.

Some of my favourite booths were Baah Yarns, Anzula, madelinetosh, and Loopy Mango. There seemed to be a little less neon this year, but it was still certainly present.

I had some samples to visit at the show again this year! I spied my Drift's Ridge pullover in the Anzula booth, and two yet-to-be-released cowls in Lorna's Laces. These are coming very soon!

I've come home with so much to show that you'll be hearing a lot more about ideas and items from this trip on the podcast. But I can give you a peek here! There was a whole teepee at the Skacel booth, some cool and promising looking hand/wrist supports, a Midwestern Knits trunk show, and a super cool Charley Harper needlepoint that might have come home with me (despite my not knowing how to do needlepoint...)

I promised I'd talk more about beer, right? Yes. Well, my fellow beer lover Stefanie Goodwin-Ritter let me know about the fantastic app Untappd. Check it out. I input my first couple of beers in Columbus. International beer drinking!

I didn't stay too long on Monday, but I did get quite a bit done! I was able to snag some goodies for a podcast giveaway, and some fantastic Baah yarn for an upcoming design.

The drive back home was pretty great. Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York are all pretty states to drive through. But, as you can imagine, I couldn't snap any pics of the pretty. So, you'll have to do with this one I got at the front gate to my home.


Julie said...

looks like an amazing trip- and I'm so impressed with that gigantic knitted tent. I wish I had gone, maybe next year!

Handmade by Stefanie said...

You took such awesome photos! And thanks for the name check - so glad you found me on Untappd!

Leah said...

Great recap, Teresa! You took so many good photos.

pdxknitterati/michele said...

It was a great show; I had fun! And most days I was wearing my Summertime Blues poncho. Except I call it a wrap, to avoid 1970's flashbacks for people. Does this mean I'm at the leading edge of fashion? Ha! That would be unusual for me!

Glad you enjoyed the show, too.