Monday, June 29, 2015

Great Northern: Moodboards

 Over the coming weeks you're going to see peeks behind-the-scenes for Great Northern.

First, I want to show you all some moodboards that Leah and I put together to begin forming our design ideas. Pinterest has been fantastic for collecting images that we can share privately (except for these partial screen caps, of course!)
Above you see images that Leah gathered to share with our graphics designer Laura of Ink Whale Design. The simple, clean-lined, outdoorsy look is something that we think reflects the mood of the show as well as our own aesthetic tastes. We've brought the 90s vibe into the 21st century.

Above is the board we put together to share design ideas, including textures, patterns, yarn, and colours. As you see, we're keeping with the vibe set by that first moodboard, with a general overtone of neutrals with colours that pop.

And this board, well, this board is on my own public Pinterest profile, and it's where I've collected some inspirational images of characters, the town of Twin Peaks (seriously, check out that map!) and a general sense of shapes and textures that will guide my design process.

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Katinka said...

Really excited to see this project take shape! :)