Friday, June 05, 2015

Indie Designer Day

Designer: Lynn Di Cristina
Rav ID: LynnDsStudio
Some Great Designs: LynnDsStudio's Rav Designer Page

Cowls, hats, scarves, oh my!
This week's indie designer Lynn Di Cristina has 40 published patterns on Ravelry, each of which demonstrate a bright playfulness with traditional shapes.
I'll point out three for you.

First here's the pictured Molly Walker, Lynn's most recent design from 2015.
Ever wonder what to do with all that fab variegated yarn you have? Well, this wrap was made for showing it off. I love the boldness of the colours and that edging that just POPS.

Second is Ohyes. I like this hat because it's simple, attractive, light, airy, wearable, and comes with a touching story about loss and courage. A portion of the proceeds goes to raise awareness and give hope for those who suffer from depression and addiction.

And third, I couldn't help but point out one of her patterns inspired by a bird, Gularis. It's a cowl (which I love), and it's designed in a super beautiful colour palette of yellows to oranges.

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