Thursday, May 14, 2015

Rolling Around in Yarn

A couple weeks ago I attended the Toronto Knitter's Frolic.

I went with a couple great friends from the greatest LYS in the world Handknit Yarn Studio.
We arrived around 10:00, and each year I seem to forget that THAT IS THE BUSIEST TIME OMG.
There were loads of people doing loads of shopping and the day was bright and sunny. One of those ones that make you realize (hope?) that winter's finally gone.

We perused the floor for a couple hours, and I walked away with a few more skeins than I had been planning to, but I'm excited about each one of them. I'm in that stage where you've got electric little pings of joy whenever you think about that yarn sitting there at home, waiting to be knit.

Despite the yarn-laden mosaic above, I didn't come away with ALL that. I did buy me some Rain City Knits, Hedgehog Fibres, madelinetosh, Fleece Artist, and indigodragonfly (the name of the colourway is Planned Parrot Hood. I couldn't say no).

Do you have any yarn you're excited about?

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Julie said...

amazing haul! I so regret not going this year, I was overbooked for that Saturday, but I still should have just cancelled a bunch of stuff and come anyway. Looks like it was amazing! And I love your new yarn choices.