Monday, May 11, 2015

Me Made May

Remember the other week, when I shared with you all how much I love instagram? Well, here is another reason why it's great: Me Made May.

I've semi-participated in this month-long make-along before. Essentially, you make at your own pace (many of the makers are sewing their clothing, but knitters and other makers join too!).

This year I've noticed that some people (me included) have altered that focus from just making to making and sharing what you're already made.
Posting a photo a day on instagram, I've been more aware of how much handmade I really do wear daily, and appreciative for this collection of carefully crafted clothing and accessories I've complied over the years.

Want to see what I'm sharing? This photo gives you a preview of my first six days, but hop on to instagram to see more! Some of the tags you can look up to see even more people's handmades for Me Made May are: #MeMadeMay #mmm15 #mmmay2015.

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