Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Hacking into Good

Remember when I shared that neon franken-dress? It's the one I made for my Spring/Summer capsule wardrobe. (Which I'm absolutely still working on. There's more to come with it!)

Well, I was so dissatisfied with it that I decided to literally and figuratively hack it into something good.

My main issue with the dress was the way I poorly executed the bodice-to-skirt attachment. The skirt, based on By Hand London's Flora dress, was still solid, and I wanted to make it into something I'd actually get some use out of.

So I unpicked the zipper and chopped off the bodice, thinking I might be able to simply fold a few inches of it down to create a waistband.
That wasn't a great solution; there was too much fabric, and it didn't lay properly.

I then unstitched that remaining bodice and refashioned the belt into a flat waistband.

I'm pretty pleased with this semi-new skirt! It's inspired me to make more Flora skirts, despite my fears of looking umpaloompa-like.


pdxknitterati/MicheleLB said...

That's super cute on you, not oompaloompa at all! Well done.

Jean said...

LOVE!! i was just listening to the new episode of your podcast and was reminded me of something I have been thinking about: Handmade Fashion Contest.. I'm not sure of the details as I have never hosteAd any type of contests other than few not so successful KALs..