Friday, April 17, 2015

Indie Designer Day

Designer: Melody Maria Fulone
Blog: Melmaria Designs
Rav ID: Melmaria
Some Great Designs: Melmaria's Rav Designer Page

Let's share some crochet love, shall we?
This week's designer works in both knitting and crochet, but I'll focus on her crochet here (mostly because Good Crochet always gets me really excited for that craft).

Pictured is the pretty Sunset Arrows. I remember a time when I thought knit/crochet jewellery was... not my thing. But lovely patterns like this have turned my opinion around. Can't you imagine it as a perfect accessory this summer? I totally see myself on the beach with this one.

Her Cotton Facial Scrubbers is an unusual little whimsy. Or is it? I mean, we're all in on the hand made dishcloths, why not a cute face scrubber? I can absolutely see this as a great way to make use of small scraps of yarn, and add a bit more colour to your bathroom sink-scape.

She has some wearables, too! See her pretty Red Lace Crochet Beanie and the warm-inspiring Summer Crop Top. I think I'm all about the crop tops this summer, so this pattern is totally gearing me up for the season.

With over 110 designs, I can only give you a wee sampling here. Check out her designer page for more!

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Melody said...

Thank you so much for sharing! Much appreciated <3