Monday, April 27, 2015

Why I Love Instagram

One thing I've always felt a bit unhappy about is the level of interaction I can have with you here on the blog.Sure, you can leave a comment there for me (and I LOVE it when you do) but it's not terribly easy to reply to your comments. Sometimes I can find the commenter (because I want to say thank you and continue the conversation) but that usually takes a bit of hunting.

It's this level of interaction that I love, and it's a big reason why I love Instagram.

Find me there as @canaryknits

I know there's so many options out there for your social media delectation. But I want to do my best to convince you to join Instagram if you haven't already. I'm pretty big into it. I post at least once a day.

It's awesome because
  •  many of us crafty people enjoy the visual, and Instagram does that very, very well
  • it's easy to show you like something! Just click the heart!
  • it's simple to interact with people: just leave a comment on their photo
  • you can hear news and keep up to date with your favourite people
  • it's a wonderful way to relax and "be" with other people from the comfort of your own sofa of an evening
  • hashtags give a great sense of community
  • you don't have to post your own photos to join (I know that's not everyone's thing)
  • you don't need a fancy camera! You'd be amazed at how great simple phone pics can be
  • I find it helps you to realize how visually stimulating your day-to-day life is; you get to "see" it through other people's eyes

How to find people to follow
  • check out your favourite people/yarn company/etc website; they might have a handy link to their Instagram account right there on the front page
  • search through those people's following feed
  • have a peek at different hashtags; some popular knitting related ones are:#knittersofinstagram, #instarav, #instaknit, #knitlove
Hope to see you there!

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Meredith MC said...

I just got an Instagram account and I'm learning to use it. Thanks for this encouraging post.