Friday, April 10, 2015

Indie Designer Day

© Meiju K-P/Tanu Kallio
Designer: Meiju K-P
Blog: Meiju Knits
Rav ID: MeijuKP
Some Great Designs: MeijuKP's Rav Designer Page

There are so many pretty patterns from this Finnish designer! I'm just gonna run these down in point form for you all.

  • Aureed (pictured) features a lace panel on that back that forms a pleat (something I'm sort of obsessed with recently).
  • Warszawa Soft is another cardigan with a back lace panel, but this one has a great, long length and drop sleeves that give it an entirely different feel from Aureed. 
  • Tavie = luscious cables. That's all I'm saying. Go look at it now!
  • Glazed Pecan Hoodie shows this designer's strength with cardigans. I mean, look at that hood button. So cute!
  • I knew I had to profile this designer when I saw that she had a cape pattern. Yes! Capes! Check out her Cocotero.

And there's so much more! Click on her Rav Designer Page to explore!

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