Thursday, April 30, 2015

Apple Dress, Visiting, and Petite Thoughts

A couple weekends ago I visited my parents. They don't live far, but outside the city, and are surrounded by fields and forest and fewer people.
I love visiting them for many reasons, not the least of which is this character you see below.
Ricky dog, the scardey dog.
Being there gives me a chance to get back outside in comfort and lovely surroundings, and reminds me that there's more birds about than sparrows, dark eyed juncos, and the odd, very angry, blue jay.

Chillin chickadee.

 The day I went was that magical one that us temperate-climate kids are familiar with. You know, that first day when it's actually warm. Where you can be outside without a coat on and the sun actually conveys a noticeable and exciting warmth.

Robin's nest, waiting for new tenants.
The trees haven't budded, and the winter warm layers haven't been stored away, but it's that cusp time of year when the idea of opening the house windows and breaking out the open-toed shoes becomes a more reasonable thought.
I took the opportunity to get a few pics of my newest dress crush. This is the same dress pattern that I used and fell in love with for my Capsule Wardrobe (the petite one. Holy cow, are my eyes opened now!)

I  totally get why petite sizing is important (duh) and why it's a thing (nearly half the adult female population is petite!) and that I AM PETITE. So, if I'm going to the trouble of making clothes for myself, I might as well look to patterns that have a fit starting point that's closer to my actual body size, right?!

That said, I recognize that there's always going to be something that needs changing. My body won't fit all the size points set out in the pattern. The fit still isn't perfect, but I'm learning. And it's getting me excited for a project idea that may take a long time to see the light of day.

I know, that's a big time teaser. But for now, I'll ask you all a couple questions.

  • Are you petite?
  • What are some petite modifications you've had to do in ANY of your clothes (knit, sewn, off-the-rack)?


kingshearte said...

I'm fortunate (? I guess) enough to be pretty much exactly average height, so I rarely have to do much adjustment for height/length, and I have no petite advice for you. My biggest issue is my ginormous singer's ribcage. Pretty much everything I wear ideally needs way more room in the back than is generally anticipated based on my bust size. Like you, I'm learning to remember that when I make stuff and figure out exactly how to modify for it.

Anonymous said...

I'm petite, height-wise. I love your dress! I shorten a lot of things, especially in the body because I'm shorter proportionally on top. Long legs for my height.

I used to think I needed cropped sweaters, but when I look at those pictures, a longer top to balance things is a much better idea.

Where did you get your dress pattern? I may need to start sewing again.

mel said...

I'm a petite person and incredibly short waisted, so I definitely find that I need to adjust (start early) the waist shaping on most knitwear. My biggest problem that I haven't figured how to adjust well for yet is that I have very broad swimmer's shoulders and that can make sizing a bit challenging (esp with raglan sleeves). Anyway, I am so enjoying all your summery dresses and you're inspiring me to take a sewing class to expand my crafting :)

Meredith MC said...

Like Mel I have a short torso but broad shoulders. So I end up heavily modifying. Top down Ragland, which I love for simplicity, end up way too big because it's difficult to make the shoulders wide enough without ending up with a gigantic sweater. Set in sleeve patterns are better. I like to knit them bottom up in the round and pick up the sleeves, execute short rows, and knit down. I have so much more control over the size that way. Thanks for posting your beautiful dresses. They are inspiring, even though I'm still a straight line sewist at this point.