Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Cottage: SUMMER be HERE!

Hooray! It's time for the sun to shine, the lake to warm up, and Ontarians to flock to cottage country for some good old-fashioned get-drunk-and-enjoy-nature-times.

I'm up for a weekend away with three of my knitting friends. Good times to be had by all.
I've got my knitting packed (after-thought heel socks, anyone?), campfire food planned (ultimate smores: that is, a smore with a REESE PEANUT BUTTER CUP IN IT! You're welcome), and super -relax-a-thon-shades on.

That said: when I'm thinking relaxation knitting, I'm thinking miles of stockinette. Ideally with minimal shaping required.

How about you? What's you're relaxation knitting?


Hilary said...

HAVE FUN! I'm totally jealous. :) And, damn, smores with a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup?! AAAAAHHHHHHHH GET IN MY BELLY.

Leah said...

My summer knitting is usually garter stitch, or something small... I don't like too much thinking and/or fiber upon my person!

Oh, save me one of those smores... yum.

kingshearte said...

Socks. For me, it's always socks. But not with afterthought heels. I've yet to make a pair with afterthought heels that really fit right. Is there a secret I don't know about?