Friday, June 20, 2014

Indie Designer Day

Designer: Ellen Gill
Blog: A Pile of Sheep
Rav ID: Melonby
Some Great Designs: Melonby's Rav Designer Page

Check out the great sweaters and cardigans from this week's designer, Melonby.

First up is the pictured Sashiko, a geometric dance of line and texture inspired by the traditional Japanese embroidery style, Sashiko.

I also really like her Tyrolean cardigan, an updated vintage style that incorporates fair isle, floral colourwork along the front bands. There's also a couple different fair isle charts included in the pattern, making this an automatically-modifiable pattern.

Finally I'll point you towards Snowdrift Jumper, a nearly seamless colourwork knit that is fun and classic all in one. I know, I know, it can be difficult to think of snow at a time like this, but just imagine: you get started on your Snowdrift Jumper today, and it's DONE and ready to be worn the first day you feel the sliiiightest bit of cold!

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Pre said...

LOVE this week's feature! Thanks for the find!